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No bursts and flashes here. We aim for strong long-term partnerships instead of one-shot miracles. It’s the only way to develop successful strategies and achieve ambitious goals. Ask any of these partners:

About Handlangers

We are Handlangers

#1 International B2B Marcomms agency

Handlangers specializes in the develoment of demand generation programs for IT, tech and real estate.



Team consists of Strategists, Project managers, Content creators, Online marketeers, Developers, Art Directors and a Graphic design team.


Handlangers offices

Based in Belgium and The Netherlands.

The things we do

We are not here to win awards, we are here to get results.

Our team has the expertise to strategize and implement every marketing effort your company needs to grow. We offer a full service relationship, but always tailored to your needs.


Your brand creates a competitive advantage that differentiates your organization from the others. At least, that’s what it should do. Handlangers helps you define your brand, inspire your audiences, and drive business results.

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Our expert copywriters and content strategists master your brand voice and speak effectively to your target audiences. We understand how to balance being clear with being compelling, and make sure your messaging entices, informs, and inspires your audience to take action. We know how to craft the right content to drive traffic, engage customers, and best of all, convert users from prospect to customer.

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Demand generation is a strategic, systematic, and data-driven approach to grow your business. All the way from prospect’s first-touch to customer upsell and referral, it addresses opportunities, covering every inch of the marketing funnel while aligning sales and marketing activity, sharing resources and amplifying efficiency and results. We will transform your business goals into actionable reality.

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Channel marketing
in IT & tech

Handlangers helps brands to get the most out of their channel partner activities. We develop co-marketing programs that deliver measurable and effective integrated campaigns. Besides campaign development we have a full-service approach with a wide range of marketing services to meet all your channel partner needs.

See how we help to engage, enable and empower channel partners to accelerate revenue with integrated content marketing solutions.


Brand awareness and B2B lead generation through solid strategy and rich content

Developing impactful campaigns to generate leads? Helping Marketing Qualified Leads move faster through the marketing funnel? Playing out the distinctiveness of a brand both online and offline? In close collaboration with Liebherr, we’ve developed a clear vision on effective, cost-efficient lead generation campaigns.



How does B2B lead generation work in a highly competitive market?


Record-breaking sales through a strategic partnership

Tegels, natuursteen, parket, Impermo! Impermo and Handlangers join forces to establish a strong brand positioning. A complete rebranding and repositioning made the offer clear: a wide range of products, excellent service, 24/7 available through the showrooms and webshop.



Learn more about how we align online advertising with the buyer journey and how this impacts online sales.


Grow sales by 175% through partner co-marketing

Wanting to broaden its customer offering, HPE Gold Partner Centralpoint, built its own online version of the HPE Server Configurator. To publicize the new service, the IT partner benefited from the support of Handlangers and created a digital co-marketing campaign that has increased sales by 175%.



See how we help drive business to leading partner’s website.


Online advertising and marketing automation make fanshop score

With refined targeting and intelligent automation at the core of our activities, we’ve supported Club Brugge in becoming an even more beautiful love brand… but we also drive sales figures higher year after year.

Club Brugge

Club Brugge

Online merchandising sales for one of the most successful Belgian clubs

case study Compagnie des Alpes

B2B Lead generation tailored to amusement parks

But how do you get the same message across to companies?

Amusement parks like Bellewaerde and Walibi are experts at enticing consumers for a day trip. But how do you get the same message across to companies? That was the challenge faced by Compagnie des Alpes, the French group behind the two Belgian amusement parks. Handlangers came up with the ideal mix with brand awareness, lead generation and lead nurturing. By having the sales and marketing departments work together as one, the campaign paid off immediately.


Compagnie des Alpes

case study Vaillant

How do you get your audience to warm up to heat pumps?

This is how Vaillant stays top of mind with the help of Handlangers

How do you get people to warm up to the idea of a heat pump in their home? Handlangers is helping Vaillant stay top of mind with their target audience, which is why we put together an above-the-line marketing campaign in the fall of 2023. The result? A remarkable commercial for radio and television that could be heard on a selection of Flemish and Walloon channels for three weeks.



Club Brugge

case study IT

The communications expert in IT

Handlangers is a full-service marketing agency with a focus on channel marketing and demand generation programs.

The IT world is complex and always changing rapidly. In-depth knowledge of technology and market dynamics is essential. This expertise is crucial to develop and implement successful communications strategies that meet the unique needs of IT companies, their partners and their customers. The industry goes hand in hand with different challenges.


A strategic, holistic approach to real estate investments abroad

What started with the sale of 800 seafront hotel suites, was expanded in 2021 with luxury apartments, beach villas, beach houses, tower apartments and a country club.
The challenge? Market 2.350 entities to investors.


Serena Bay

Serena Bay

How to start with lead generation for luxury real estate abroad?


Record sales thanks to an effective and automated approach

The project – a landmark renovation of the Leopoldkazerne – is a project with character and will be a new home for strong personalities. These became the key ingredients of the marketing story: strong branding, striking storytelling and a lead generation campaign with astonishing results.


Matexi / Ciril

De Kazerne

Discover the combination of strong branding and in-depth marketing automation.

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