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No matter your discipline, we are looking for people with something to say. People who strive to create great work and want to be part of a dynamic, courageous group.

Ann-Sophie, Louise, Peter, Michelle, Laura, Lori, Fenna, Freek, Stijn, Emma, Lyah, Amélie, Jonas, Matthias, Marie, Sam, Aäron, Paulien, Rutger, Nikki, Wim, Alexandre, Hanneke, Julie, Kristof, Tom …

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The Office

Handlangers HQ, based in Ghent.
Amsterdam office in B. Amsterdam.

What to expect
working at Handlangers


We don’t give a damn about your degrees. As long as you are willing to learn and let your colleagues learn from you. Strong individuals with their own will and ideas blended together into a creative and winning team.

Serious business

We laugh a lot. From a wink to a roar of laughter. But we are also serious and dedicated to make every single project a success for our worldwide clients.


Handlangers grows, our henchmen are growing. Inspiring and demanding customers get the best out of our agency and ourselves. Giving us the opportunity to grow quickly, as a team and individually. We need ambitious talents.


We love sarcasm. You do too? Then you’ll feel right at home here. More Ross than Chandler on the work floor? Maybe we should just be friends?

België - Nederland

You can find us in Ghent and Amsterdam

To service our partners across the Benelux and Europe, we’ve set up shop in these beautiful cities. Up for a talk? Give us a call and let’s have coffee.

What we expect
from you…

At Handlangers, we welcome a variety of mad geniuses. But the two things everyone has in common? The drive and mindset to push their own limits.

  • Eager to learn
  • Problem solving
  • Open
  • Persistent
  • Continously trying to do better
  • Sense of humour

Open positions

We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to support our client’s succes.






Amsterdam & Ghent


Amsterdam & Ghent

Haven’t found what you were looking for but you’ve got a skillset we must find out about?
We are always on the lookout for new talent. Don’t hesitate and mail us:
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