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Demand generation  

Target and land your ideal customer.

We’re a strategic marketing agency that puts business first. Your business. We start all of our projects by positioning you for the right audience, learning how to communicate your unique value, and finding market opportunities, in order to achieve sustainable growth for your business.

How do I create a roadmap that consistently generates high-quality leads? Which channels work best for my business?
We all think we understand what our customers want. But do we really?

Drive targeted, qualified traffic to your sales team

Demand generation services

Demand generation is a strategic, systematic, and data-driven approach to grow your business. From first-touch, all the way to customer up-sell and referral. With demand generation you cover every inch of the marketing funnel. How does it work? By aligning sales and marketing activity and sharing resources you boost your efficiency and results! We will transform your business goals into actionable reality.

We can grow your business with one or more of the services below. Whether it’s lead generation, account based marketing, or closing deals, we deliver.

Growth acceleration workshop

Define your best customers and develop a strategy to acquire more of them

In order to acquire profitable customers, you first have to find out what a ‘good lead’ is and how to pursue them. Our workshop sets you up for success by aligning your teams, identifying your buyer personas, defining your ideal customer’s profile and setting goals that lead to revenue.

Are you marketing and selling to the right prospects?
Are you doing it the right way?
A Growth acceleration workshop helps you define your most ideal customers and develop the growth strategy to acquire more of them. It lays the foundation for demand generation success by aligning your sales, marketing and c-level teams around a deep understanding of your customers, their qualifications and their unique journeys. Combined with industry insights from our experience with a broad and diverse client base, the insights from this workshop allow our team to craft a strategy that will help you hit your key targets and operational goals.

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Lead generation & lead nurturing strategy

Lead generation that drives result.

Generating quality leads is one of the most important, and by far most difficult tasks for any business. We power marketing programs that generate qualified leads and nurture sales opportunities.

Handlangers specializes in B2C & B2B lead generation, inbound marketing, account based marketing, conversion optimisation and sales nurturing. Our process is data-driven and highly iterative, focusing on metrics that boost your business’s growth. We are focused on growth and have already worked with businesses of all sizes. We help you to set up a system that generates quality leads and create a strategy that withstands changes and pivots.

Inbound marketing and Account based marketing are two of the many marketing processes that help shape a digital marketing strategy. How do you know which method is right for you? Which combo of tactics brings you more results? At the core, ABM and Inbound Marketing both aim to target specific audiences with great content that converts.

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Inbound Marketing Automation

Helping businesses grow sustainable and achieve their goals

Inbound marketing is the process of creating valuable content, attracting prospects when and where they are searching online, turning them into leads and nurturing them down the buyer journey. Rather than focusing on specific accounts, inbound marketing gives relevant and helpful information to the people who are looking for it. At Handlangers we add the ‘automation’ part to our inbound marketing efforts to accelerate the process.

Inbound marketing is a highly effective strategy but it doesn’t motivate people to act. By definition, inbound marketing waits for buyers to take action when they’re ready. That’s where marketing automation comes in. Beyond the time-saving and efficiency benefits of automation, marketing automation also enables business processes that are essential to any marketing department.
For B2B organizations, this includes lead nurturing, lead scoring, and lead lifecycle management.
For B2C organizations, it includes cross-sell, up-sell, and retention.
And for all them, it includes marketing ROI analytics.

Above all, it’s critical to keep in mind that inbound marketing is a strategy, not a technology. Many technology solutions can help with inbound marketing, and that’s what we do at Handlangers, using all available technology and marketing methods.

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Account Based Marketing

Helping businesses achieve their goals and grow sustainably

In most B2B organizations you need to reach an entire buying team to make a decision rather than a single lead. Each person on the buying team has different pains and needs. ABM helps to target these predetermined accounts with tailored marketing efforts. It enables you to center your marketing and sales efforts around an account with the goal of deepening relationships with personalized information, for the right people, at the right time.

Account Based Marketing targets the companies that you want to add to your customer list. Based on a priority list of target accounts, a well-orchestrated campaign is rolled out that integrates the best of both inbound and outbound marketing for maximum impact and revenue. The level of personalisation in this campaign ranges from one-to-one custom content, all the way through to persona-based content tailored to accounts sharing common features.

Every ABM strategy and activation looks different. Some are hyper focused on a few target accounts, while others may focus on select industries or more extensive account lists. We help B2B organizations target buyers within their niche industries. We design and implement ABM campaigns using targeted ads, messaging, personalization, sales enablement, and great content.

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Marketing Automation

Generate leads, drive more sales, prove ROI

Handlangers designs powerful, KPI-driven marketing automations that allow you to have conversations at scale with all your leads, nurture prospects and maximize conversion rates. Automation helps you deliver the right content at the right time – increasing the impact of your campaigns while drastically reducing overall cost per lead.

We help you with the selection of the right marketing automation tools and software, implementing them and migrating your data.
We pride ourselves on being technology and media agnostic and don’t play favorites. We work with any and all technologies, publishers, platforms, marketing automation and email providers to help you create the most effective strategies and programs.
In that manner we can always make the ‘right’ selection in line with budget and expectations.

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Measurement, ROI & data integration

We measure results to better identify, understand, and engage your audiences according to your needs and goals.

Going from information to insight to action – without guesswork – is how we drive your business.
Even the best data is worthless if you don’t know how to apply it to your business goals. Our team of experts helps you to not only understand your data, but also shows you what you can do with it in order to grow your business.

At Handlangers we conduct analytics audits and build a measurement strategy framework to serve as the base of all analytics implementation and optimization strategies. We collect, blend, and normalize data from numerous sources in one place. Leveraging a wide variety of platforms, reporting and business intelligence tools to aggregate and visualize data. Think BI tools, Google Data Studio, Supermetrics, Zapier, Piesync, …
But reporting is only the first step: thanks to our ongoing analysis and recommendations we also provide consistent value.

Data and analytics are the foundation of our demand and lead generation programs. Our team understands the importance of business goals and the art of turning data into valuable insights that inform your business strategy.

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Channel marketing / Co-marketing programs

We have what you need to increase the success of your co-marketing programs.

Handlangers helps brands to get the most out of their channel partner activities. We develop co-marketing programs that deliver measurable and effective integrated campaigns.
These co-marketing programs often contain a combination of ‘packed services’ – bundled out of the box campaigns – and custom in depth campaigns in cooperation with the channel partner. In all co-marketing activities measurability is key. We always try to achieve maximum ROI. Besides campaign-development we have a full-service approach with a wide range of marketing services to meet all partner needs.

Many channel partners don’t have the time, skills or internal resources to develop effective marketing campaigns. At the same time, they often do not make efficient use of the existing vendor programs and the available co-op funds. As experienced marketing professionals, we are focused on providing fast, efficient and effective marketing support to your channel partners.

Handlangers is the marketing service agency of some well known Fortune 500 IT vendors. A marketing service agency (MSA) works on behalf of the vendor’s partners and provides them with access to a full range of B2B marketing services that help them drive effective demand and lead generation, aligned with both the partner’s priorities and those of the vendor. MSAs have been carefully selected through an extensive international audit for their strong capabilities and robust knowledge of B2B marketing.

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