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Content creation   

Every brand has a story.
How are you telling yours?

Our expert copywriters and content strategists master your brand voice to speak effectively to your target audiences. We understand how to balance being clear with being compelling so that your messaging entices, informs, and inspires your audience to take action. We know how to craft the right content to drive traffic, engage customers, and best of all, convert users from prospect to customer.

Who are you creating content for?

Content services

Handlangers provides the full range of content creation services for clients, delivered by an experienced team of professional writers.

We create content that captivates and engages your customers. Our content services range from website content, social media, ad copy, and email marketing campaigns, to long-form thought leadership articles, whitepapers, eBooks, and more.

It really doesn’t matter what sector of business or industry you’re in: the right content marketing service can markedly grow your business. Whether you are trying to attract B2B or B2C customers, content drives web traffic, generates leads, and improves brand visibility.

Content strategy & marketing

Content strategy is where content creation, distribution, and business goals meet. Content marketing is at the intersection.

As with everything else we do at Handlangers, all of our content marketing starts with a strong strategy that takes into account your business needs. This strategy will inform every aspect of the content marketing process, from what content gets created, what topics we write about to where your content will be published.

Our approach to content marketing starts with understanding your audience. Without knowing who we’re trying to reach, it’s impossible to know how to reach them. We personalize your content to various personas and stages of the buyer journey and develop content-rich assets. Whether it’s a blog article, an infographic, or an email newsletter, we understand that content marketing will only be successful in generating business when the content is well-researched, well-written, well-designed, and genuinely interesting to read. Content marketing allows us to become publishers – build our own audiences, and attract their own attention.

And what about the content itself? One golden rule: educate first, sell second.
Create content that is meant to help your customers, not sell to them. When you freely give your audience something so valuable that they’d be willing to pay for it, you build trust – which, ultimately, is your most powerful selling tool and helps building a solid base for thought leadership.

Content that takes into account your business needs?

Let’s start writing!

Inbound marketing content creation

Attract leads, close customers.

You provide a specific product or service. It’s not for everyone; it’s a niche, not even for most people. So why would you want to run advertising that reaches most people?

Inbound marketing is about identifying prospects, creating useful and engaging content just for them to interact with and then turning those interactions into customers that grow your business. At Handlangers we cover the whole process of inbound marketing but in this part we’d like to take a closer look at the content necessary to engage with your prospects.

Inbound marketing is the way in which all business growth tactics are unified.
It’s the comprehensive process that works to identify your ideal customers, their buyer journey and the best ways in which we can work them through the funnel to help prospective customers become your best clients.

We create relevant and compelling content to attract and convert leads – for the purpose of building audiences and attracting attention. Their job is not to find leads, but to help leads find them.
Using the right content type at the right time is therefore crucial. Snackable content in the awareness phase, going more in-depth through the consideration phase and ultimately showing it all in the decision phase. The available content types for these individual phases are growing every day. Whitepapers, infographics, blogs, interactive demo’s, datasheets, podcasts, … you name it, we create it.

Create engaging content?

Use the right content type at the right time.

Social media content creation

We bring brands to life by developing compelling narratives that resonate with the right audiences on social channels.

To succeed as a brand or organization, you need to know how to leverage different social channels to reach your audience with compelling, informative, and engaging social content.
Handlangers uses proven strategies and tactics to build social calendars and draft content that’s timely, interesting, and shareable.

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful, effective and organic ways to raise brand awareness, tell your company story, present your products and services, … Engage with your customers and prospects, by sharing content they find interesting. That content is the keystone of a successful social media marketing strategy. It gives you a valuable opportunity to interact with users in real-time, across multiple channels, which results in increased inbound web traffic, sales leads, and a strong brand.

Leverage different social channels to reach your audience?

Create content that’s timely, interesting, and shareable.

Reference & video marketing

Tell stories in the most efficient way.

When your customer is ready to speak, we listen…
Great customer stories are authentic, emotional and relatable. But how do you produce great quality reference cases at scale anywhere in the world? In writing or video? We’ve got the answer.

Customer reference cases are one of the most powerful tools in marketing and offer the highest possible degree of authenticity and credibility. With years of experience, we’re experts in producing emotionally resonant stories of how companies help their customers achieve amazing outcomes together. It’s the most authentic marketing there could ever be: real human stories, that provide guidance and clarity – building trust in the process. We turn your clients into heroes.

When your success spans countries and continents, you want to ensure that every story is created with the same due care. Developing a customer reference program can be the key to set things straight. Our global network of storytellers, journalists, copywriters and video production teams let you rest at ease. We take care of the entire production process, producing outstanding quality and timely delivery.

Over the course of our journey we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most inspiring brands in the world.
To just name one, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) named Handlangers their preferred marketing partner for video and customer cases. HPE aims to develop a best in class global customer advocacy and reference program supporting sales and marketing teams all over the world. We’re proud to be a part of that.

Want to turn your clients into heroes?

Produce great quality reference cases.