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Five key tips for marketers on their digital journey.

Yes, everybody’s doing it!

Marketing is going digital. Or to be more precise: it’s becoming more digital than it already was. Marketers everywhere are rushing to get familiar with the latest tools, apps and trends, but going digital has a lot of side-effects, hidden opportunities and tricky pitfalls. Looking at the bigger picture will help you optimise cost, choose more relevant technology and adjust your efforts to your goals. Time to make sure your 1’s and 0’s add up.

Think ahead to get ahead.

It’s as simple as this: dotting i’s and crossing t’s before you set out on a thundering digital rampage, will result in a higher ROI. You’ll lose less time on retracing steps, and your campaigns will get a great efficiency boost. So, what do you need before you dive in head-first? Here’s five key tips for marketers on their digital journey.

  1. Strike the right balance.
    Out with the old, in with the new? A strong tendency of marketers on a digital quest is to forget about what has worked for them in the past. Exploring digital marketing can be a great boost, but don’t make it your only focus. A good strategy is to start small and scale up when you hit that first success.
  2. Consider the media shift.
    Going digital means different channels, different media strategy and also different cost models. Cost per click, cost per view, cost per conversion… Different types of campaigns require different tactics and different channels. Experimenting is essential, but knowing when to change or stop is essential too.
  3. Re-think targeting and personas.
    Digital marketing will open up new possibilities in reaching your target audiences. So that’s the perfect time to look at your current client-base and figure out how to reach them more effectively. You can now tap into new target audiences that are within reach. It definitely pays off to adjust them as you go along, but a strong strategy before you start can save a lot of time. And money.
  4. Evaluate your content-strategy.
    It’s not just channels, targeting and cost models. Going digital means that your content needs to be digital too. And mobile, preferably. No-one reads 41 pages of technical specs on a smartphone screen, and content like video and online checklists or quizzes will help you engage potential customers on a whole new level.
  5. Align with sales. For real this time.
    Digital marketing will open up new possibilities for lead capturing, nurturing and remarketing. And it will also allow you to organise a much cleaner hand-off to sales. A digital marketing funnel means new ways of qualifying leads and handing them off to sales (or getting them back from sales for further nurturing). A streamlined process for a streamlined business!

Time to do the groundwork.

So, ready to get cracking? At Handlangers, we help organisations take the hurdles on the way to marketing automation and digital marketing strategy. From CRM-integration to the implementation of Marketing Automation tools and the set-up of digital campaigns. But most importantly, we help them lay a solid strategic foundation first. We determine the goals and needs of new target groups, advise on digital channels and provide key insights on how to adjust content to the digital era.

Let’s pave the way to digital success.

Are you looking for advice and experience in your digital transition?